Frequently asked questions?

Why is everything free?

Have you ever heard of Google? They gave everything away at first. But they built an audience and was able to sell things to the audience. I at this time have a very small audience that very few people will pay to advertise too. So, you have the best of both worlds. No cost and little or no bother. So, enjoy!

Will this adversely effect my other advertising?

No not at all. Why? The person inquiring about your home likes the outside and can see themselves living there. You have a single website dedicated to your home only. You may advertise anywhere else. This will be the best. You receive every lead produced. It is not sent to 10 other agents.

How do I start ?

Click the “Download the sign template” button (link is on the home page). If you order our sign rider we will mail it to you. In the meantime you cam use our free template if you wish.

Who are your affiliates ?

These are the top realtors, mortgage lenders and insurance providers in your area ?

Am I obligated to do business with them ?

Absolutely not. It is your choice if you want to use them or not. Our mls agents are in the top 3% of realtors nationwide.

If all this is free how does FreeUSFSBO make money ?

Of course we are in business to make money. Our revenues come from our affiliates in the form of advertising, and a small referral fee from our realtors after closing if you use our affiliate mls service.

If I list with a realtor can I still use your service ?

No not normally. Normally real estate agents take an “exclusive right to sell listing”. There is however an “exclusive agency listing” in many states that allow you as the owner to continue to market the property as well. If you produce the buyer then the commission is reduced or is not collected at all depending on the company you list with. Our affiliate agents will reduce the already low commission. If you already have a favorite real estate person then they may contact us about our affiliate program. If approved they will receive a commission at closing and you will save on commissions as well.

Are the market analysis and Sign template really free ?

Yes. The agent however that provides this critical information would like you to give them a chance if at a later date you decide to list your property. They would give you a choice of “full service” they handle everything or “reduced service” with you continuing to show your own home and they will handle everything else. You however are under no obligation to use their services at all. The sign template is free and there is no obligation.

Is there a specific length of time I have to use your service ?

No. You may cancel our service at any time. If however you use our affiliate mls service that would be up to you and the listing agent to determine the length of the listing agreement. Many will allow cancelling for any reason.

How much is your low cost mls listing ?

The cost will vary on the list price of your home. Usually around 3% or 1/2 of a typical real estate commission (contact us with the price of your home and we will give you the exact costs). We make it high enough where other realtors will want to show your home, and low enough to save you thousands. There is no fee unless your home sells.

What if I have other questions ?

Use our “Contact Us Form” or email